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Large Wide Flower Design Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet Spring Lock Snap On

25 USD
This is the most beautiful top quality Gold Plated Bangle, made to look just like real Gold Bangles and have the same sparkle,richness and brilliance. Even jewelers have a hard time telling them apart!!!Wear the bracelets together or mix and match with any combination of other jewelry pieces.

Product Specifications and Details

Product Type:Bangle Bracelet
Material:High Quality Alloy Base
Metal:22K Gold Plated
Stones:No Stone
Type of Closure: Resizable
Theme: Flower Floral
Made in: India
Quantity of Bangles: 1
Size Information: Open able
Outer: Diameter:  6.2 cm/2.44 inches
Inner Diameter: 5.6 cm
Width:  4 cm